Live Music Heals • Thursday, February 18


Join KEXP on Thursday, February 18th for Live Music Heals. At a time when beloved music venues are shuttered, and artists and others who make their living from live music are struggling, it’s more important than ever to talk about why live music matters.

Share your stories about what live music has meant to you by leaving us a voice message at 1-833-303-KEXP or by emailing Then tune in on Thursday, February 18th to revel in all of our cherished memories of live music, hear from music venue owners and artists, and much more.

Made possible in part by Elysian Brewing and Caffe Vita.


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Arctic Monkeys at The Showbox // photo by Renata Steiner

Where Live Music Matters

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the music industry hard. Live concerts were one of the first things to go and will likely be among the last to return post-pandemic. Live music is a cornerstone of programming at KEXP and a huge part of many of our lives as individuals.

Find out about organizations working to build support for the entire live music ecosystem.

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"Music has incredible power,” says KEXP Morning Show host John Richards. “I hear from listeners every day about a song or a lyric that helped them heal, process, grieve or just find the strength to go on.”

Through the Music Heals series, KEXP uses curated music, interviews, listener stories and live events to help people in our community understand they are not alone. Music can provide comfort, validation, encouragement, consolation, perspective, catharsis, and community, and the Music Heals series explores how music can also heal our bodies and lift our spirits. Use the navigation below to explore the different topics.


Music Heals

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