Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery • Thursday 5/23



On Thursday, May 23rd, KEXP presents Music Heals: Addiction & Recovery, featuring a full day of on-air programming dedicated to music’s power to heal, overcome addiction, inspire recovery and reduce the stigma around substance use disorder. The event is part of KEXP’s Music Heals series aimed at helping listeners through their most difficult moments and will coincide with National Mental Health Awareness Month.

“Addiction affects everyone: our loved ones, our neighbors, and our coworkers,” said Kevin Cole, KEXP’s Chief Content Officer and Afternoon Show host. “That’s why no one should feel alone in the journey to recovery. We created Music Heals to connect people and their experiences through music. Music has true healing powers that goes far beyond entertainment. It's vital. Like water or air, we need music in our lives.”

Listeners are encouraged to share their experiences with addiction and recovery and how music played a part in their lives. Those interested in participating can email, then tune in on Thursday, May 23rd to hear those stories and songs shared on air.

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"Music has incredible power,” says KEXP Morning Show host John Richards. “I hear from listeners every day about a song or a lyric that helped them heal, process, grieve or just find the strength to go on.”

Through the Music Heals series, KEXP uses curated music, interviews, listener stories and live events to help people in our community understand they are not alone. Music can provide comfort, validation, encouragement, consolation, perspective, catharsis, and community, and the Music Heals series explores how music can also heal our bodies and lift our spirits. Use the navigation below to explore the different topics.


Music Heals

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