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Last Updated: october 20th, 8:00 am PT

With music festivals being canceled and venues closed during the coronavirus outbreak, fans are yearning for some live music while they self-quarantine. Thankfully, many artists are turning to the internet to continue to reach their fans. KEXP is collecting a calendar of upcoming live streaming video concerts. We encourage viewers to utilize any digital tip jars or links to purchase music and merchandise, as many of these performers are losing income by not being able to tour. Please note: times and dates are subject to change. 

Featured On-Air Event


70's Day on KEXP

Tune into KEXP on Thursday, October 22nd starting at 1:00 AM PT with Reverend Dollars as we celebrate the music from the 1970s!

DJs throughout Early, Morning, Midday, Afternoon, and Drive Time will dig deep into various genres from the decade continuing through Swingin' Doors and into the night with Marco Collins.


Live on KEXP at home_1080fullres.png

Through the stay at home orders, we’re dedicated to bringing you new live performances. Each Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll share a live streaming performance through our new series, Live on KEXP at Home. Hosted by trusted KEXP DJs, musical guests perform sets live, either solo or with their quarantined partners.

Made possible with support from Windermere Real Estate 

Lawn in the Morning

From the front yard of DJ John Richards, host of KEXP's John In The Morning, aka The Morning Show, Lawn In The Morning is a unique out-studio session/series designed to encourage social distance while still bringing you one-of-a-kind live performances from the finest artists in the Pacific Northwest.

Featured Events


Black Fret Concert Series

Join us for the Black Fret Concert Series streaming live from Nectar. This year, Black Fret awarded $5,000 in grants to local musicians, including Tomo Nakayama, Smokey Brights, The Black Tones, Tres Leches, and more!

This concert series will highlight the grant winners while raising money for Pacific Northwest non-profits. Tune in on Wednesdays September 9th through November 18th. Click here for more information on the series and how you can get involved. 


Upcoming Performances

Recurring Performances

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