Where in the World is Bowiecorn?

Bowiecorn circa 2017

Meet Bowiecorn

Bowiecorn is KEXP's champion of music, creativity, originality and all things unique. Born during the 2017 Fall Drive, Bowiecorn was first seen displayed on the donor tee-shirt.  Then, KEXP donor Scout gifted a special hand-crafted version of Bowiecorn to KEXP and it has since become a lovable mascot!

The Adventure

Now, Bowiecorn is embarking on a journey to connect with our KEXP community across America and Canada. 46 amazing donors chose to support KEXP during an hour of John in the Morning  and were invited to particpate in a special project: send Bowiecorn across the country and learn about each other in the process. As Bowiecorn travels North America from donor to donor, their adventures will be shared here.

Thank you to all the generous donors who will be hosting Bowiecorn in their town over the next year!

Stay tuned....

bowiecornmailbox3x2 version 2.jpg
Bowiecorn embarks!
bowiecornkexp3x2 version 2.jpg
Scout's hand-crafted Bowiecorn at KEXP


6.24.19 Bowiecorn Update

Stop #1: Portland, Maine

Bowiecorn was hosted by Danielle, Louise and family!

"We could not pass up the opportunity to show Bowiecorn the other Portland, and even farther flung locations such as the midcoast of Maine. I hope they enjoyed their time with us, we will certainly miss them. Thank you KEXP for making all of my days more meaningful and fun. I consider it an integral part of my toolbox, the one I go reaching into when I am feeling alone. It always helps."

Thank you for being Bowiecorn's first host, Danielle, Louise and family!



Bowiecorn in Maine
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