Donor Portal FAQs

Thank you for using the KEXP Donor Portal (link)! Please read below for information about current capabilities and how-tos.



Can I change my gift amount?    

We don't currently support editing gift amount in the portal. If you would like to change your giving you can either increase your Amplifier on the donate page here or you can contact and we can assist with any other changes.

Can I cancel/end my monthly Amplifier gift?  

If you would like to cancel your ongoing gifts, please reach out to and we can help make this change. 

Can I make a one-time gift?    

We welcome you to make gifts directly at!

Can I connect gifts to KEXP I've made with other cards?    

You can add multiple credit cards onto your profile as long as they are linked to the same email address. To do this in the portal, go to account settings -> connect past gifts. If the credit cards are linked to different email addresses in our system already please and we can help consolidate.

Can I connect Amplifier accounts that I made for my kids/pets/partner/friend/etc.?    

We can only connect giving that is associated with the same email address via the portal.  If you are looking to link or merge giving with another account, please contact for assistance.

I don’t remember which email I’ve used to give in the past. How can I make an account?    

If you are not sure which email your giving is under please contact and we can look this up for you. 

I've used more than one email to give in the past. Which should I use to log in with?    

The portal is currently most helpful in managing Amplifier giving, so using the email associated with your active, ongoing Amplifier giving is best. If you are unsure which email this is you can check to see which address you receive monthly payment receipts - this is the email linked to that gift. You can search for your monthly payment receipts sent from the email address ""

I don’t know the credit card number/zip I used to give to KEXP. How can I make an account?    

First, you can check your monthly email notifications that are sent each time a payment goes through. These should note the last 4 digits and zip code associated with your giving. You can search for your monthly payment receipts sent from the email address "" If you are unable to locate your email, you can reach out directly to and we can look up that information in our system.

Why aren't my stock/car/check/cash gifts showing up in Recent Giving?    

At this time we can only display gifts made via credit card. There are future plans to show other types of giving but not at this point.

Can I get records of my giving to report on taxes?    

We typically send an annual tax receipt for the previous year in February. If you need documentation for taxes outside of that time frame, please contact and we can put that together for you. 

How quickly will a gift appear here after I’ve made it?    

Your gift should appear in "Recent Giving" once the payment has been transfered and is settled in our system. This typically takes just a few minutes, but in some cases it may take a day or two for the payment to complete. 

Can I learn how much I’ve given to KEXP in total?  

Currently, only the past six months of credit card payments are visible. To find out your total giving to KEXP, please contact

Can I change the email address attached to my account?    

Currently, you cannot change your email address within the portal. Please email and we can update you address for you.

If I delete my account, will my Amplifier gifts stop?    

No. Deleting your user profile only deletes the data stored in the Donor Profile. If you would like to cancel your ongoing gifts, please reach out to and we can help make this change.