Aquí y Ahora: Without Borders

AQUÍ Y AHORA: Without Borders


Join KEXP for Aqui y Ahora (Here and Now): Without Borders, September 12 through October 14, a month dedicated to amplifying the voices, stories, and music of the communities of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Latin and Latinx diaspora around the world.

Knowing that we need to take action to create a more equitable world through art, Aqui y Ahora will celebrate the contributions, resilience, and music of Latinx, Hispanic and Latino-identified communities across the world with exclusive performances, podcasts, stories, and tons of great music on-air throughout the month. This is a musical conversation for the entire hemisphere, and it is just the beginning.

Únete a KEXP para Aquí y Ahora (Here and Now): Without Borders, del 12 de septiembre al 14 de octubre, un mes dedicado a amplificar las voces, historias y, fundamentalmente, la música de las comunidades de América Latina, el Caribe y la diáspora latina alrededor del mundo.

Sabiendo que debemos tomar medidas para crear un mundo más equitativo a través del arte, Aquí y Ahora celebrará las contribuciones, el espíritu de resistencia y la música de las comunidades de latinoamericanes en todo el mundo con sesiones exclusivas, podcasts, historias detrás de las canciones y toneladas de buena música al aire durante todo el mes. Esta es una conversación musical para todo el hemisferio y es solo el comienzo.

Two-Week Streaming Archive

Aqui y Ahora 2022 Kick-Off Day

On Monday, September 12th, we kicked off Aqui y Ahora with special on-air programming all day long, focusing on the local community in the PNW.

  • Early with @Gabriel Teodros & DJ Monica De La Torre
  • The Morning Show with @William Myers and DJ Rizoma Radio (Ricardo Salinas Bertero)
  • The Midday Show with @Cheryl Waters and Albina Cabrera (KEXP)
  • The Afternoon Show with @Larry Mizell, Jr and Dj Pax (Paco Sánchez)
  • Drive w @Riz Rollins and @Armando Paz (KEXP), Julie Hererra & Christina Ortiz
  • El Sonido with Albina y Chilly with a special show focus on El Caribe.

If you missed a minute, revisit the day of programming using KEXP's Two-Week Streaming Archive! And stay tuned for exclusive performances, stories, podcasts, and tons of great music throughout the month. 

Here and Now, Sin Fronteras:

A Look at KEXP's Aquí y Ahora Celebration and Beyond

Albina Cabrera, KEXP's Latin American Content Producer & co-host of El Sonido, reflects on Aquí y Ahora: Without Borders.

Each edition will be centered on different voices, renew commitments, update perspectives, and constantly bring them back into the discussion for infinity. This way, we will work on sustaining a real connection with our community of music lovers worldwide, allowing them, essentially, to access the songbook of the present and the future of Latin America, its international diaspora, and Spain. In 2021, KEXP kicks off this month-long sound journey by reviewing the work done so far, sharing its best stories, partnering with different countries on the continent, generating exclusive audio and video content with your favorite artists and expanding the calendar beyond its limits. As I said on another occasion, this is an intercontinental musical conversation without borders, and this is only the beginning.

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Breaking Borders: Nine Collaborations to Listen To, Here and Now

If anything defines Latin America, that’s the common sense of union. In this list — chosen by members of Faro, an alliance of cultural media across nine different countries in Ibero-America — we share a selection of recent collaborations between artists from different countries which reflects a collaborative and versatile spirit, nourished by sounds and genres of all the continent. There are also unexpected unions which take the listener to a whole new world to discover. As if they were organic links, a key to new discographies to listen to, these songs celebrate the artistic union without borders.

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Amor Elefante and Las Ligas Menores sessions filmed at the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) in Argentina // photos by Julieta Maria

El Sonido Best of 2020 Mixtape



Even though 2020 wasn’t the best year, there was an outstanding amount of great music released. In this video playlist, El Sonido hosts DJ Chilly and Albina Cabrera talk about what happened in Latin music while watching a few of our highlights. Tune in to El Sonido every Monday from 7-10pm PT on KEXP 90.3 FM in Seattle or listen back in our streaming archive.

El Sonido 10th Anniversary Special

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KEXP is excited to share the El Sonido 10th Anniversary Special which premiered on KEXP’s YouTube channel on May 22nd. 

Hosts of El Sonido, DJ Chilly and Albina, share exclusive interview clips, memories of past in-studio sessions and brand new performances from artists, including Juan Wauters, Mula, Francisca Valenzuela, Tres Leches, Terror/Cactus, and more!

Watch below:




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Helado Negro: Música en muchas existencias posibles

Bajamos la persiana del 2020 conversando abiertamente con el compositor y cantante Roberto Carlos Lange, mas conocido como Helado Negro. Su proceso creativo, la política actual, la música que lanzó este año y su deseo de colaborar algun día con Juana Molina y Maria Marquez, son algunas de las cosa…

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