Experiences in the KEXP Gathering Space

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photo by Morgen Schuler


When you hold your event at KEXP you are contributing to our mission to enrich lives through music and discovery.  

Prohibited uses:

  • Parisan political activites and fundraising
  • Religious events and observances
  • Governmental lobbying or fundraising
  • Branding events
  • Commercial sales
  • Public or ticketed concerts where KEXP is not a sponsor
  • Activites inconsistent with the mission of KEXP
  • Illegal activities

KEXP reserves the right to refuse use to individuals, organizations or functions that discrimiate because of an individual's race, color, religion, origin, ancestry, age, marital status, physical or mental disability, military status, sexual orientation, gender expression, or in any other way that would constitute a violation of human rights. 

Prohibited items:

  • Illegal or toxic materials
  • Weapons, firearms and ammunition
  • Helium baloons, glitter, rice, flower petals, sand, confetti and similar materials.
  • Candles and open flames excepts votive candles in approved holders and caterer furnished sterno.  Any flames must be supervised.
  • Live animals that are not service animals.
  • Fog or smoke machines, or incendiary devices
  • Motorized vehicals not intended for personal mobility.
  • Tape, nails or tacks. Painters tape may be used to hang temporary signage..


KEXP Gallery

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Current Exhibit


Virtual Tour

Tour created by David Schanen

Take a virtual tour of the KEXP Gathering Space and KEXP Studios.  In person tours are currently suspended.

Virtual Tour

KEXP Front Desk

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photo by Caroline Anne
Hours: Daily 9am-6pm

KEXP's Front Desk is available to answer your questions, direct you to sign ups for in-studio performances, help you make a donation, accept music submissions and more.

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