Youryoungbody Host Intergalactic Rave for "OD" Video

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Jasmine Albertson
photo by Úna Blue

If a dark pulsating crowd of dancing, sweaty bodies are what you’ve been missing these past few months then Youryoungbody has you covered. Today, the formerly Seattle-based, now New York and Los Angeles transplanted duo has unveiled visuals for “OD” that brings back the club during Covid. Matching the slick darkwave of the Devotion track, the clip depicts an alien gathering at a warehouse rave, where beings nurture an otherwordly egg. As crowds gather, visions of a glossy, alien planet appear.

Longtime collaborator Úna Blue, whose work in the Seattle music scene is recognizable and far-reaching, directed the video. “The video explores ideas of collective existence and collective power,” explains Blue. “Not just conceptually within the video, but as part of the process of making it.” Collaborators also include artist and co-owner of Seattle-based Electric Sheep, Bobby McHugh, 3D designer Alex Noelke, and Sundance award-winning cinematographer Jacob Rosen. Styling by Meg Schmitt, additional costuming by FEMAIL and Bellyflop, and custom-built orb by Jason Puccinelli.

You might also recognize a few other fashionably clad faces joining Duh Cripe and Killian Brom in the back room of their rave cult. NAVVI’s Kristin Henry and KEXP’s own Sharlese Metcalf sit alongside Jordan Rundle, Todd Maegerle, Tahlia Mizrahi, and Brom’s mom to conjure possibly sinister deeds while looking unequivocally cool.

Released in 2019, Devotion is the band’s debut album following 2016’s EP Betrayer. Keep your eyes peeled for new music coming this fall. Below, watch the video for “OD” as well as Youryoungbody’s KEXP in-studio performance from 2015.





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