Upstream Music Fest + Summit, Day 3: Natasha Kmeto / Youryoungbody

Upstream Music Fest + Summit, Local Music
Youryoungbody // all photos by Bebe Labree Besch (view set)

Review by Bebe Labree Besch

Inside the quaint Trinity Nightclub, it was considerably lucky to find yourself within the packed venue, considering others were being turned away at the door due to capacity limits. Fans were swaying in rhythm with and to Natasha Kmeto's arrangements, even extending to those in the balcony space overlooking the stage. The crowd granted approval through applause while Kmeto's set unfolded past its intended cut off-time.

Following Kmeto came another rising local outfit, duo Youryoungbody, who were specifically selected for the Do206 curated stage. Youryoungbody's members Killian Brom and Duh Cripe (Emily Cripe) immediately shifted the atmosphere of the club from the previous set. Brom on keys and effects brought a variety of synth beats for the audience to continue grooving along to, but we were going down a much darker path this time around. As "January" off of their EP Betrayer began, all eyes were on singer and front woman Cripe, with her crooning vocals echoing throughout the dance club, all while pumping her heavily-studded boots to the deep baseline. Cripe sparkled across the murky backdrop of the stage whenever a rare spotlight would backlight her and her rhinestone encrusted cowboy hat, hypnotizing an initially timid crowd of faces.

Natasha Kmeto


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