Celebrating Ibero-American Pride Every Day

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Albina Cabrera
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This article was originally written in Spanish, find the English translation below. Read the version Spanish version here.

As June and Pride month come to a close, we know how important it is to celebrate these communities 365 days a year. At KEXP, the music and voices of LGBTQIA+ artists from Latin America and Spain are in our podcasts, sessions, live programming, and weekly on El Sonido. With so much great music to share and continue exploring, we've compiled 10 Ibero-American LGBTQIA+ artists and songs that we have been listening to lately and highly recommend you check out for yourselves. 

Marilina Bertoldi - Argentina


Marilina Bertoldi is an Argentine guitarist and composer. She was the winner of the Gardel award in the category best national record of the year for her album Prender un Fuego (2019), which includes the anthemic song "Correte". Listen below. 

Tatiana Hazel - Mexico/US

In My Room

Tatiana Hazel has cast a spell on us with the single “In My Room." We highly recommend her Duality EP which came out earlier this month. Tatiana is requesting donations for the Brave Space Alliance, an organization led by Black and trans people in the south of her native Chicago.

ARCA - Venezuela/ Spain


Last week saw the release of ARCA's new album, KiCk i. The trans-identifying artist is from Venezuela but based in Spain with growing international recognition. The new record shows us a version of herself on her fourth album that’s very different from that of her previous works. With the participation of Bjork and Rosalía, her Avant grade and pop world is something you must experience for yourself. 

Linn da Quebrada - Brazil / Afrolatinx


Linn da Quebrada is an essential artist to know. She is an actress, funk singer, and songwriter born on the outskirts of São Paulo, Brazil. We recommend checking out "Uncomfortable" by Hugo Adescenco and the documentary "Bixa Travesty" by Claudia Priscilla and Kiko Goifman based on her life. 

Dani Umpi - Uruguay


The Uruguayan artist and performer released the music for the song "Niteroi" where he leans into horror influences with some truly horrific imagery. In this fantasy music video world, he is kidnapped by a group of nightmares who torture him and show him his deepest fears.

Monterrosa - Spain

"Flores en el parking"

The Spanish duo, Monterrosa, released this song last year on November 20th, an important date in the Spanish calendar, to claim the LGBTQIA+ rights and share a message against intolerance and violence towards the community. 

Manitas Nerviosas - México

"Tu Carita Toda Hermosa"

Mexican producer and multi-instrumentalist Valis Ortiz is the leader of the musical project Manitas Nerviosa, releasing the song “Tu Carita Toda Hermosa” in 2019.

MULA - Dominic Republic/  Afrolatinx

"Y Ahora"

Mula is one of our favorite groups. They are from the Dominican Republic and this song “Y Ahora” is one which we’ve been playing on El Sonido for months. We look forward to the release of their new album, MUNDOS, on Aug. 14. Look out for the single "Agua Que Quema," coming out July 3. 

PAUZA - Cuba

"Carajillo ft. La Real"

Here we find two icons of the Cuban musical framework. Pauza is a duo who fuses the traditional sounds of Cuba with electronic music. This song features Yadira "La Real”, the recognized and talented rapper. Together they are dynamite!

Yanna - Perú/ Afrolatinx


"'Marcaperu narrates the reality of a corrupt country that rejects its roots and is violent against women," Yanna says of her song. That's how direct the message is from the Peruvian rapper. Make sure and dig into her full catalog. 

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