R.E.M. to Release Monster 25th Anniversary Box Set

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Janice Headley

Legendary Athens, GA band R.E.M. have announced they'll be releasing a special 25th anniversary edition of their ninth studio album Monster

Original producer Scott Litt will present an all-new mix of the album. In a press release, he states, "I had told the band through the years that if there was ever a chance to take another shot at mixing the album, I wanted to do it." 

The deluxe version includes five CDs and one Blu-Ray that includes the original album, the new mix, a CD of previously unreleased demos, and a live album from an 1995 Chicago show. The Blu-Ray has the documentary Road Movie and all six of the album's music videos. All versions of the reissue will feature extensive new liner notes, featuring interviews from members of the band. 

Check out Litt's new mix of the single "What's the Frequency, Kenneth" below. Monster 25th Anniversary will be out November 1st via Craft Recordings.

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