Perfume Genius Collaborating with Seattle Choreographer Kate Wallich on Live Dance and Music Piece

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Jasmine Albertson

Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas has announced that he will be collaborating with Seattle choreographer Kate Wallich on a new contemporary dance and live music performance piece. Set to debut at the Moore Theatre Oct. 4-5, the piece is titled The Sun Still Burns Here and will feature Wallich’s dance company the YC. Hadreas will not only be composing the music for the piece but will be fully integrated into the choreography of the show as a dancer. This is what he had to say about it:

“Dance has become a vital part of my live performances over the last few years. I use it almost as another instrument onstage to try and communicate beyond what I’m capable of singing. Music has always been my way of lifting off and pushing for transcendence. Working with Kate, creating movement and sound and a new world at the very same time — I feel like we’re unlocking something we couldn’t have alone. Dance isn’t a response to the music or vice versa since they have been braided together from the start.”

Wallich goes on to add:

“This is the first time The YC has worked with a composer who is also a dancer and performer, and that’s what drew me to working with Mike in the first place. It’s also the first time I have co-directed a work with someone outside of my own company. Because of this, we’re all pushing our work into new territories, and what’s happening is something very special.”

Perfume Genius’ last record was 2017’s No Shape. Below, watch his KEXP in-studio performance from that year.


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