Summer Jam Sound-Off: Tacocat, The Coathangers, Snuff Redux

Concerts at the Mural
photo by Matthew B. Thompson

Summers in Seattle mean Concerts at the Mural, an annual series from KEXP and Seattle Center held on the Mural Amphitheatre lawn.  Every Friday in August, we're bringing you FREE, All Ages family fun under the sun. (With a 21+ beer garden, too!) 

We asked the bands performing tomorrow to share their "Summer Jams of 2018." Check out their picks below and come discover your new favorite summer jams tomorrow at the Mural! 

Snuff Redux

After serious deliberation, Snuff Redux has concluded that "Ghost Town" by Kanye West is our summer jam. The penultimate track from the divisive ye album serves as a concrete reminder of Kanye's talents. He almost takes a backseat on his own song in some ways. Kid Cudi's mournful plea to "Make Us Love Him" is a bookending bridge around Ye's verse, which is both looking ahead and all too present given his antics and surrounding hype. The sample and reworking of Royal Jesters "Take Me For A Little While" is a cool insight as to how Kanye hears music, and how he incorporates different elements into his own world of sound. However, The second half of the song is owned by 070 Shake, candidate for 2018 Chorus Of The Summer. I think it's awesome that Kanye featured 070 Shake, an artist I haven't heard of until this song. "I Feel Kinda Free, We're Still The Kids We Used To Be"...when I hear that, it feels like I'm watching "Through The Wire" on MTV2 at 6 AM in my mom's basement when I was 11. Now, my best friends and I toured around the country this summer blasting "Ghost Town" in actual Ghost Towns.  — Skyler Ford


Steph has been listening to "This is America" by Childish Gambino.  Mere's jams are "In the Summertime" by Roger Miller and "Carolina" by Harry Styles.  And my [Julia’s] summertime go-to's are Sublime "Summertime" and Fats Domino... every song!


"O.M.G. (I’m All Over It)” is such a perfect summer jam by our good friend/label mate/hero Jenn Champion. It’s so awesome the natural progression she made of switching up her style of sad songs into this new album of ultra-catchy pop hits without losing any of her edge... I’ve already had this song on every playlist since it came out. — Bree McKenna

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