Upstream 2018: Hot Snakes at Upstream Music Festival (6/2)

Upstream Music Fest + Summit
Matthew Howland
photos by Morgen Schuler (view set)

During Hot Snakes's sound check at KEXP's adopted home at Little London Plane in Pioneer Square, the band blew out the power, an accurate foretelling of the musical intensity to come. Hot Snakes recently reunited after a hiatus, releasing their first record in over a decade, Jericho Snakes, in 2018. Formed by members of the legendary Drive Like Jehu and Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes furthered the spirit of their past projects with three records released in the early 2000s, all on Sub Pop Records. As proven by their set at KEXP's Upstream Music Festival Broadcast, the band has certainly maintained the intesity of their early recordings, delivering a thoroughly loud performance made up of Jericho Snakes material that reverberated around the intimate Little London Plane space. 


Starting off with "Why Don't It Suck In?," a track that barely lasts over seventy seconds, Hot Snakes engaged a packed crowd, guitarist John "Speedo" Reis and bassist Gar Wood standing in menacing formation in front of the stage. They soon kicked into "Six Wave Hold-Down" and the aptly named "Death Doula," clearly relishing the noise. The temperature soon began to rapidly elevate, Hot Snakes living up to their name and San Diego, CA heritage. On album highlight "I Need a Doctor," Reis placing his forehead against that of an audience member, vocalist Rick Froberg somehow managing to be heard above the din. "Death Camp Fantasy" finished off the set, Hot Snakes likely drawing the most exuberant crowd at Little London Plane at the festival thus far. 



Hot Snakes will play at KEXP's stage at 8:15 PM. 

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