Jupiter Sprites Find Beauty in the Unknown on “Save the Mystery” (KEXP Premiere)

Local Music, KEXP Premiere
Dusty Henry
photo by Bella King

Shoegaze and dream pop are genres that thrive on the unknown. Heavy layers of distorted guitar, obscuring vocals and drum patterns, creating a fog of sound that overwhelms your senses. Part of the thrill is getting lost in the sonic smoke. And in that search, you find a wealth of depth and emotion interwoven in the noise. It’s a dynamic that’s clearly understood by Olympia, Wash. outfit Jupiter Sprites on their latest single “Save The Mystery.”

“‘Save the Mystery’ is a track inspired by the allure of full moons, romance, and excitement for what the future may hold,” the band tells KEXP. “This is the first Jupiter Sprites song ever written, composed under the glowing warmth of colored lamps during a rainy winter night.”

As the lead track from their upcoming self-titled EP, Jupiter Sprites introduce themselves with exactly what their song implies – a beautiful mystery. The bending notes of guitars beget layers of sedated vocals, wistfully moving in the flurry of jagged chords. Keyboards and synthesizers float freely in the mix, blurting and bellowing out into the ether. It’s music to get lost in – the soundtrack to embracing a daydream that you don’t want to snap out of.

Jupiter Sprites EP is out Feb. 1 and pre-orders are available now. Listen to “Save The Mystery” and/or watch the hypnotic music video below.


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