Review Revue: Ramones - Too Tough to Die

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Every time I look at this album cover I wonder if I should post it or not. Given the losses the Ramones suffered in the 21st century, the title and image takes on a new bittersweetness, and one or two of the 1984 KCMU DJs' comments take on a harsher edge than probably intended. That said, the station only has so many Ramones records, and it seems unfair to hide this particular light under a bushel, so here we go. Too Tough to Die followed right on the heels of Subterranean Jungle, squarely in the middle of the band's impressive 14-album oeuvre. Neither of them is probably anyone's favorite album, but both albums got some love from at least some of our DJ pals here.

"New LP - you can pretty much guess what it sounds like - it does have, gasp, keyboards!! And Eurythmic Dave Stewart produced a song."

"When are these guys gonna get the fame & embarrassing wealth they deserve? Great L.P., Great cover. 'Chasing the Night' is one of their best ever."

"The worst Ramones album yet. Marred only by 3 or 4 listenable cuts. 'Pleasant Dreams' was their best."

"'Durango 95' is the car Alex and his droogs steal in the film A Clockwork Orange."

"It was a book, once, too."

"'I'm not afraid of life' . . . but I am afraid of playing this damn album anymore! Enough! It's too bad they're too tough to die 'cuz they're killing me!"


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