Review Revue: Theatre of Sheep - A Quiet Crusade

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Yet again I find myself stumbling in way over my head, with the "discovery" of a band that I'd really love to read a whole book about. Portland band Theatre of Sheep was quite the local phenomenon 30+ years ago but never quite made it, leaving behind some self-released, hand-packaged records, a lot of stories -- oh, and according to Willamette Week their lead singer Rozz Rezabek gave Courtney Love the name by which we all know her. The KCMU gang were definitely fans, and if the band had continued on into the '80s they probably would have found increased regional success -- perhaps leading to national success, given how much of what was popular in the Northwest in the late '80s and early '90s ended up dictating the tastes of the nation.

But alas, the band seems to have broken up right around the time of this EP's release, although they do still get together for the occasional reunion (looks like the last one was this spring). There is, of course, a Facebook page. Go ahead and follow to find out about the next one, whether it's next year or next decade.

"These guys won 'Best Local Band' in Portland for '83. Nice pop with a touch of synth."

"Really good pop."


"Really cool new music. Try 'Like Wild Young Things.'"

"Yes! I like!"

"Yes. Months later I find a greatness in this record and wonder why this group hasn't gotten more attention."

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