Review Revue: 'Steve Albini's Band' - Budd

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

When I first ever heard of Steve Albini's provocatively-named band between Big Black and Shellac (after they'd ceased operations) I was already a fan of his, so I just kinda rolled my eyes and thought "ah, there goes ol' Steve again, ruffling feathers and pushing buttons." Being a fairly sheltered and privileged young man, that was easy enough to do. Now it's not a name I would say aloud lightly,  and even typing up its appearances in the comments of DJs from 1988 felt kind of icky. I suppose at least one of those DJs would say my "petty sensibilities" have gotten the better of me, but I think I've just lived more years and absorbed more perspectives and slowly, gradually come around to feeling that I'd like to be more careful and respectful with language than I am obligated to be by the letter of the law. Which is either not punk rock at all or totally punk rock, depending on whom you ask, but it's where I'm at.

That said, this band with Steve Albini and two members of Scratch Acid (and one future member of The Jesus Lizard) totally kicked ass, and if you can get past their name you should give them a listen.

"Mention the band as - 'Steve Albini's Band' only." [I get what they're doing here, but I feel like that gives short shrift to the essential contributions of Rey Washam and David Wm. Sims.]

"The drums at the beginning of 'Log Bass' are just like the ones on 'Some Like It Hot' by Power Station." [Holy. Shit.] [Also, wow, that Power Station video.]

"Yeah, Albini Rocks - 'Log Bass' is totally Rage-like!"

"Recorded live (not too long ago) in Chicago."

"'Dutch Courage.' Eeyow!"

"Shitty [or maybe this says 'shotty,' meaning 'shoddy'?] production + the songs plod. Not nearly as good as Big Black."

"Shreds like a super pussy log bass with the dutch courage of a band with the guts albeit audacity to call themselves Rapeman and offend all our petty sensibilities. Ah, the possibilities."

"What's your favorite title?: Rapeman / Gapeman / Apeman."

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