Review Revue: Rainbirds - S/T

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Quick, imagine there's a band that formed in Berlin in the mid-'80s and named themselves after an instrumental song by Tom Waits. What do you think they sound like? Guess again. Rainbirds' hooky New Wave sound, at least on their 1987 debut album, was decidedly more conventional than their name's origins might imply, but it still makes for an enjoyable listen. Opinions at KCMU were mixed, but seemed to generally lean positive.

If you were digging this album in the '80s and have been wondering what the band has been up to, head Rainbird Katharine Franck has been busy, both under her own name and with the resurrected Rainbirds, who released a new album in 2014.  Unfortunately, despite all her lyrics being in English, her web site is entirely in German, so I can't say exactly what she's been up to.

"Deserves some attention - quirky enough vocals, arrangements to catch your attention - Pop-ish, but it grows on you (like moss) - lead vocalist really has a good voice though."

"Compartments is okay by me!"

"Sounds like Swing out Seester - I dunno"

"God I hate SOS! This is better than that!"


"Overproduced pop that sounds like it's trying to hit top 40 while staying mellow enough for the A/C crowd. Ick."

"'Boy on the Beach' is very danceable! Good voice, good mix! Play it up! Goddam this is a good record."

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