KEXP Premiere: High Pulp debuts Super Funky Basement Sessions Series

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Dusty Henry

Funk music isn't just heard, it's experienced. You can have a great time playing a funk article at home on your stereo, but it takes on a whole new life when it's right in front of your face. Seattle future funk-fusion act High Pulp gets this. With a staggering 10 members in the group, they push and pull off of each other with propulsive intensity. To try and capture this magnetic energy, the band has released a new series dubbed the 'Basement Sessions', kicking off with three videos of the band playing, well, in the basement. If you need a boost to kick off your long holiday weekend, consider these videos like pouring Emergen-C into your coffee. Here's what drummer Rob Granfelt has to say about the series:

"The basement sessions are an attempt to capture the live elements of the band - the improvisation, the stretching, and the energy - that can be difficult to hear on studio recordings. We decided that our practice space (Scott's basement) would not only be a practical space to shoot in but also a comfortable place for us to perform, hopefully conveying a certain amount of intimacy with the viewer. These three videos are the first batch of videos leading up to the release of our debut album. Another batch of three additional tunes will be released in the near future called 'The Warehouse Sessions' which were filmed at Dozer's Warehouse on Beacon Hill."
Check out the videos below and get lost in the groove. You can catch High Pulp live this Sunday, Nov. 26 at the High Dive with D'Vonne Lewis, Limited Edition, and Freudian Slurp.



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