KEXP Video Premiere: Ravenna Woods – LICHST

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Dusty Henry

Each Halloween we indulge ourselves in our worst fears. Maybe it's ghouls and demons or gore and violence. One of the most disturbing settings for horror has less to do with the paranormal – insane asylums. It's a combination of the fright of our own minds can conjure up as well as the fear of being held captive under the pretense that you're losing your mind. It's the route Seattle indie rock act Ravenna Woods take in the video for their song "LICHST" off their forthcoming record, Disappearing Someone, out in February 2018.

As one of the two songs on the record that the band's multi-instrumentalist Brantley Duke sings on the record, he finds himself the unlucky patient strapped to the chair as the asylum doctors – played by the rest of the band – do their worst to him. Duke is fed pills and injected with a black substance as we watch his sanity steadily deteriorate throughout the video. While he may start the video looking vacant, he ends it looking rabid and deranged. Co-directed by Duke and bandmate Chris Cunningham, the two showcase a proclivity and intimate understanding of psychological horror over the four-minute clip. This is all heightened by the icy, shivering guitars and gothic pianos clanking throughout the track. As All Hallow's Eve approaches, turn off the lights, turn up the volume and let Ravenna Woods prey on your worst fears.

Ravenna Woods will next be playing the Nectar Lounge on December 1 with The Builders and the Butchers and Cedar Teeth, then they'll be jaunting down to Portland on December 2 with the same lineup to play the Doug Fir. You can follow the band on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of further happenings as the album release approaches. In the meantime, watch the video for "LICHST" below.

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