KEXP Presents: Videoasis at Northwest Film Forum 10/25

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Dusty Henry

For generations of music fans, the invention of the music video was a landmark moment. Being able to associate your favorite songs with equally exciting visuals was such an obvious combination, it's a wonder it didn't break through earlier. Whether it's gluing your eyes to old-school MTV or getting lost in a YouTube wormhole, music videos continue to thrill our imaginations. KEXP's Audioasis host Sharlese Metcalf and local director Bobby McHugh know this well. Both super fans of the medium, the two friends are constantly sharing their latest videos finds with each other via Tumblr. Eventually they'd take this model and create the long-running Videoasis event series, featuring music videos from local Northwest artists.

Videoasis returns tonight, October 25, at the Northwest Film Forum showcasing videos from Shabazz Palaces, Baywitch, Tacocat, Blouse, Falon Sierra, Minden, Dude York, Built To Spill, GHOULAVELII, Darto, ZELLi, Bujemane, Briana Marela & GANG SIGNS, and more. Happy hour starts at 7 PM while DJ Morgan spins tracks and the videos begin at 8 PM. Tickets are available now. Ahead of the event, we caught up with McHugh about he and Metcalf's love of the music video format, tonight's dark and vibey theme, and asked the duo to share some of their favorite videos to rewatch around Halloween.

Before Videoasis came to be, you both were sharing music videos through a Tumblr page called hly-sht. What made you originally choose Tumblr to share videos and why did you want to evolve it into an event featuring videos from the PNW?

Sharlese and I were hanging out in her living room talking about music videos and the conversation just spiraled. We realized we both were following a bunch of the same directors, but also had a bunch of favorites the other hadn’t seen. It was so refreshing to talk to someone who knew so much. There aren’t a lot of places you can go to see what’s being made locally.

We decided that we had to make a Tumblr of our favorite pieces. The Tumblr includes videos from all over the world, but we pay special attention to the vids from the PNW. We both grew up in Seattle, so the artists here are the most important to us.

The lineup of artists you’re featuring at this Wednesday’s showcase is stacked and all across the genre spectrum, with Shabazz Palaces, Baywitch, Dude York, ZELLi, and more. Is it important to you both to highlight the breadth of styles in the PNW when you do Videoasis?

We love all types of music videos, but they have to have something special and be very creative. For us it’s not always about the production or the equipment, it’s whatever makes the music come alive. It can be the most DIY production, as long as it’s funny, smart or vibey.

It is important to us to bring in videos from all genres and styles, but that just happens naturally. The PNW has an amazing mix of artists. We just love them all.

With Halloween coming up, this Videoasis is going to feature “dark, vibey videos” to match the season. How do you define “dark and vibey” and how do the videos you have planned for Videoasis fit your idea?

Dark and vibey is just a feeling. It can come through in the song, the color treatment anything that fits the season. Whatever we would want to curl up and watch on a dreary fall day that makes us smile.

Excluding the videos you will be playing tonight, what are some of your favorite music videos to rewatch around Halloween?
















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