Treefort Music Fest 2016, Day 2: Hinds, Wax Idols

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Geran Landen
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As the first day of Treefort Music Fest got underway, many of the Thursday bands were stuck in Denver battling a snow storm. It was a theme that resonated as Day 2 of Treefort came around, with cancellations and delays peppered throughout the schedule as a result. But the unfortunate circumstances did nothing to damper the shine of Treefort. The streets of Boise bustled and venue spill out could be heard from the sidewalks on Thursday as the main stage was slowly erected. But the main attraction of the day was found in the El Korah Shrine where luckily all the bands billed to play made it to Boise. Wax Idols When she's not fighting misogyny in the punk scene or working as a dominatrix, Heather Fortune of Wax Idols is busy making lush post-punk that gives Robert Smith a run for his money. Heather played all the instruments on the 2015 album American Tragic, and has implemented a smooth transition from the garage rock that marked Wax Idols beginnings to the more polished post-punk styling that the band brought to El Korah Shrine on Thursday. Heather's soaring vocals were impressive live, and chiming guitar texture often gave way to crunchier chorus aesthetics creating a nice contrast. The haunting howls of the guitars combined with Heather's voice had the crowd swaying in a trance like state throughout the show. And while much of Wax Idols' music is rooted in sadness, their live show was a cause for celebration.

HindsThe dichotomy of Hinds was captured nicely on Thursday night, when Hinds member Carlotta Cosials kissed her microphone before letting out a scream that would have impressed the fiercest of punk rock stars. The group makes music that is carefree and fun and puts it through a filter of fuzz. Their strength in writing melodies is balanced well with the effortlessly cool vibe their garage-rock aesthetic emanates, a fact made even more clear in their live show. As fuzzy meandering guitar riffs mingled with summer-worthy melodies and lead vocalists Cosials and Ana Perrote went back and forth with their equally distinct vocal styles, it was easy to forget that Hinds had just been through a blizzard and a 16 hour car-trip that same day. The last thing most would want to do is get on a stage and perform after an ordeal like that. But it seems Hinds' sunny, laid back disposition isn't limited to their music. As their set came to a close, the crowd barraged the stage with screams usually reserved for pop-stars and there were audible shouts of "don't go" and "one more song" throughout the building. Hinds' sound may offer some duality, but the response to their music is absolutely singular.

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