KEXP Suggests: Woody Guthrie's Pacific Northwest Legacy at Town Hall 4/29

KEXP Suggests, The Roadhouse

Loyal listeners of The Roadhouse on KEXP may have noticed host Greg Vandy was absent a bit last year... well, now you can hold in your hand the reason why: 26 Songs in 30 Days: Woody Guthrie's Columbia River Songs and the Planned Promised Land in the Pacific Northwest, out now via Sasquatch Books. This fascinating tome details a period in Guthrie's life when he was hired by the Bonneville Power Administration to promote the benefits of cheap hydroelectric power, irrigation, and the Grand Coulee Dam. Vandy, with co-writer Daniel Person, "takes readers inside the unusual partnership between one of America’s great folk artists and the federal government, and shows how the first American folk revival of the 1930’s was a response to hard times."And on this Friday, April 29th, Vandy will be joined by fellow music historian Charles R. Cross for a conversation about Woody Guthrie at Town Hall. Together, they'll explore Guthrie's legacy and impact on the political landscape 75 years ago. Singer/songwriter Mike Giacolino (frontman of Seattle-based Cosmic Country outfit Ole Tinder) and musician Cahalen Morrison will perform some of Woody Guthrie’s most-loved songs. Tickets are $5, and are available online here. Learn more about the book on their Facebook page here.

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KEXP Suggests The Roadhouse

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