Live Video: Oscar

Live Video
Casey Dunau
photo by Melissa Wax (view set)

The sheer volume of great pop music coming out of the UK can be overwhelming, and that’s only what makes it Stateside. Imagine actually living there, surrounded on all sides by unending legacy and talent. That’s exactly the type of pressure cooker from which London based pop artist Oscar has emerged. Now he’s traveling the world, from Italy to KEXP's own live room, serving up freshly prepared hits with all the right ingredients: a crooning voice, supreme melodic sensibility, and lyrics that capture just the right amount yearning, learning, and arrival. Where does Oscar find all that inspiration? Where else but from real life? As he notes about the real relationships behind the particularly heartfelt, "Beatiful Words", "You kind of have to relive it each time. It’s therapeutic to keep reminding yourself of things that didn’t work and things that did." If one thing's for sure, Oscar's music is working. Fall in love with his profound pop here:

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