Song Premiere: Plants and Animals - No Worries Gonna Find Us

KEXP Premiere
Jim Beckmann
photo by Caroline Desilets

For Plants and Animals, growth can take time. The adventurous Montreal trio took four years to release their fourth album, double the time between each of their previous ones. After years of prolonged touring and rapid recording, the childhood friends Nic Basque, Matthew Woodley, and Warren Spicer decided to slow down, to enjoy the lives they've recently been barreling through and delve deep and long into their creative process. As a result, Waltzed in from the Rumbling may have kept fans waiting, but it's sure to rush straight to their hearts. The first song they released, "Stay", begins leisurely, with its laid back intro building to the kinetic, wide-ranging sort of indie-prog they've done so well in the past. Today, we're excited to premiere "No Worries Gonna Find Us", the second single from the forthcoming LP. It's a bit more rollicking of a jam, enjoyable for its jangly guitars, buoyant psych-folk melodies and brisk percussion, but it's Spicer’s vocal repetition of the song's title that makes "No Worries Gonna Find Us" as enjoyable and unhurried of an anthem you're likely to find in 2016.

Look for the rest of Waltzed In From The Rumbling when it's released by Secret City Records on April 29th. You can also kick back with Plants and Animals when they return to Seattle to play the Sunset Tavern on June 18th. Other dates can be found on the band's website. For now, listen to "No Worries Gonna Find Us" and breathe easy knowing that Plants and Animals are back!

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