Live Video: Ride

Live Video, OFF Festival
Jim Beckmann
photo by Jim Bennett (view set)

What happens when you strip away the feedback and distortion that defines a genre like shoegaze? Without all the fuzz, what of value remains? In the case of British band Ride, apparently quite a lot. Somewhat like shaving a cat only to find a bigger one underneath, we discovered during an acoustic session with principle Ride songwriters Andy Bell and Mark Gardener that their classic songs seem even more potent unplugged. Live in the Fabryka Porcelany Śląskiej, the historic porcelain factory in Katowice, Poland, the duo performed this special seven-song set for KEXP before their fully electric (and electrifying) show on the main stage of the OFF Festival this summer. This fall, you won't need to travel so far to see them, as Ride is fully reunited and touring the U.S. and the U.K. to mark the 25th Anniversary edition of their debut LP, Nowhere. Catch them in Seattle at the Neptune Theatre on November 16 and right now in this special set:

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