Live Video: Craig Finn

Live Video
Casey Dunau
photo by Morgen Schuler (view set)

Some artists write songs about themselves, pulling facts from their lives in hopes of finding some mutual truths that can connect with their audience. Others create more from their imagination, searching for the universal within the abstract. Still even more operate in a sort of grey area between the two, filling in embellishing details when their concrete surroundings fall short. Luckily for us, veteran songwriter Craig Finn operates on a different spectrum. As evidenced by a recent KEXP in-studio performance of songs from his latest LP, Faith in the Future, the Brooklyn artist (also of The Hold Steady) breathes life into every word and color into every story. Whether he is the central character, such as in “Newmyer’s Roof”, or an objective narrator, as in “Dennis and Billy”, Finn manages to combine melody and lyrics with deadly accuracy in aiming for the heart difficult of subject matters such as national tragedy and drug abuse. The songs from Finn’s performance are enveloping in scope and urgent in message. Lose yourself in their narratives below:

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