Why Do YOU Amplify KEXP?

Fundraising Drives

Since its inception in 2010, more than 6,400 music lovers like you have elected to support KEXP as members of our Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club. Those ongoing monthly gifts enable us to abbreviate our Summer Fundraising Drive to a single day and play more music during the month of June. Hooray!

In lieu of that week-long summer drive, in 2012 we instituted Amplifiers Love Week. As part of this celebration, KEXP staff and volunteers have been calling as many Amplifiers donors as possible this week to thank them. Here are just a few of the hundreds of reasons music lovers decide to maximize their support for great music by joining the Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club:

“It would take 100 percent of my phone battery to explain why I love KEXP so much. KEXP gives respect to artists that wouldn’t otherwise get the appreciation they deserve.” Geno in Pittsburgh, PA

“I know it sounds like of corny, but KEXP truly enriches my life. When you survey what’s available on commercial radio, KEXP towers head and shoulders above the competition.” Erika in Seattle, WA

“Kevin played ‘Maggot Brain’ one afternoon and I thought anyone brave enough to play that whole song on the radio deserves my support.” Eric in Shaw Island, WA

“I listen to KEXP most of the day through the mobile app and I get so much out of the music—it’s comparable to any other music service (like Spotify) but I choose KEXP because I love it.” Mike in Renton, WA

“Every Sunday morning I wake up and listen to Preachin’ the Blues and that really helps me chill out after a long week. In an environment of corporate radio, KEXP stands apart.” Matthew in Los Angeles

“We love that there is such a great focus on local music and music that you don’t hear other places. KEXP was actually a big draw for me to move to Seattle.” Merette in Seattle, WA

“I’ve never experienced so much community from a radio station before. Thank you.” Allison in Seattle, WA

“When I don’t know what to listen to, I turn on KEXP and find two million new bands!” Kelsey in Phoenix, AZ

“KEXP brings so much joy to my life. I listen to John in the Morning every day, and it makes me feel less alone to know there are others out there who like the Pixies and Talking Heads.” Jennifer in Jersey City, NJ

“The tribute to Kurt Cobain and celebration of Nirvana on the twentieth anniversary of his death. I don’t think any other radio station would’ve done that. I wanted to be a part of that unique community.” Mary Kay in Seattle, WA

Joining the Amplifiers Monthly Giving Club is quick and easy. You still get to choose from the latest thank-you gifts (like the “I Power KEXP” T-shirts), plus you’ll be invited to participate in exclusive Amplifiers Love Week activities. And best of all, your ongoing support enables KEXP to devote more resources to the shows and services you love. Click here to learn more.

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