Live Video: Israel Nash

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by David Rzegocki (view set)

A "rain plan" is practically unknown in the Northwest. It rains here too frequently, but rarely fervently, for anyone to need that kind of contingency. Instead, for us rain plans are active ones, scenarios for doing and being. Maybe that's why Israel Nash's 2014 album, Rain Plans, gripped us so firmly. His music seems to call us to an alternate time and place where people and ideas matter, where songs can resurrect one’s heroes and tear down those who abuse their power. His is an idealism we share in any weather. And clearly we’re not the only ones, as Israel Nash has gathered a group of talented friends who bring his rich melodies and rousing harmonies to glorious fruition on his last two albums and now on tour with him across the US. Recently, we welcomed the return of Israel Nash, come whatever may fall, live in the KEXP studio.

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