Live Video: THEESatisfaction

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Jim Beckmann
photo by Matthew B. Thompson (view set)

No other group in Seattle has the reach of THEESatisfaction. In creating their unique psychedelic hip hop stylings, local duo Cat and Stas reach as high among the stars as low within the roots below, and place their feet years beyond as eons ago. In fact, critics can't help but describe their new album, EarthEE, as "cosmic" and "astral", even with all of its worldly and interpersonal concerns, and as "futuristic", despite the duo's journey through past tropes of jazz, funk, R&B, and rap. But whatever you want to call it - Afrofuturism, Everyonetodayism, or just timelessly good music - you'll soon transcend space and time as you watch THEESatisfaction share their hypnotic melodies and divine harmonies live in the KEXP studio:

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