Song Premiere: High Highs - Boxing

KEXP Premiere
Jim Beckmann

Last month, Brooklyn via Sydney, Australia, duo High Highs announced their long awaited sophomore LP with a debut of the title track to Cascades, due February 5th next year. The gentle yet lively "Cascades" glowed brightly through the song's haze, promising an upbeat return to the dreamy harmonic sound on the band's 2013 debut LP, Open Season. Today, KEXP is proud to debut the forthcoming album's second single, which proves that the album Cascades is named as much for the majestic mountain range that flanks Seattle to the east - a true inspiration for songwriters Jack Milas and Oli Chang - as for its abundantly flowing harmonies. "Boxing", which opens the 10-song LP, is a warm, swelling and motive, yet ultimately relaxing entrance to Cascades, though, according to Oli Chang, its genesis stemmed from a much more vigorous effort:

This track was the result of listening to a lot of Burial combined with lots of morning endorphins from boxing classes. Jack and I were vibing in the studio on this slow chordal pulse after playing with a few versions of the song. After a few days of working, it started to sound like a giant walking through a vast landscape. It was also the first High Highs song we recorded strings for, which was exciting.
Listen to "Boxing" now and look for the rest of Cascades, when the album is release by [PIAS] on February 5th.

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