Live Video: Owl John

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Rachel White (view set)

The roots of Owl John lie in the idea that to save something, sometimes you need to walk away from it. That's what caused Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchinson to take a break from the Scottish indie rock group and return to writing songs the way he did when he started the band a decade earlier: writing songs alone in his bedroom with no expectations. But as the songs started to pile up, the recent Los Angeles transplant roped in longtime collaborators Andy Monaghan and Simon Liddell to record them. Certainly his most studio-intensive work to date, Owl John documents Hutchinson's uncomfortable move to LA from Glasgow with as much as harrowing precision as 2008's breakthrough The Midnight Organ Fight captured the end of his longtime romance. Watch Hutchinson run through an acoustic trio of Owl John cuts (including one that didn't make the record) and a Frightened Rabbit classic as her performs live in the KEXP studio:

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