Song Premiere: The Minus 5 - My Generation

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Janice Headley

Northwest legends The Minus 5 are adding it up in 2015 with their tenth album, Dungeon Golds, out March 10th on Yep Roc Records.

The long-running group, led by local icon Scott McCaughey, are indeed presenting the "gold" from the dungeon — from the 5-LP box set, Scott The Hoople In the Dungeon of Horror, to be exact. That limited edition 2014 Record Store Day set was only released with 750 copies, but Yep Roc will be releasing more treasures from that collection, beginning with this release, to make the music more widely available.

KEXP is excited to premiere the track "My Generation," which is included as a free download with the pre-order Dungeon Golds. McCaughey tells us a little bit more about the song:

  • "My Generation" was the last song I wrote for the Scott The Hoople box set. It came to me all at once, and it seemed like an important inclusion, a bit of a mission statement in a way. I rush-recorded it as the Record Store Day deadline was imminent, so I did it all myself, using a '70s-vintage drum machine through effects pedals, and a nasty big muff bass, as the foundation. In my head, I was going for a sort-of Jesus & Mary Chain vibe, but as is usually the case with me, it probably sounds nothing like them (and I haven't really listened to them all that much anyway). The lyrics are about as direct as I get — no metaphors or Dylanesque surrealism, just a song about growing older and how my friends and I were, and still are, shaped by the music around us.
  • I didn't mean to call it "My Generation" (having been rather famously used previously) but when I had to put a title on the track listing I realized it was the only way to go, and referencing The Who's youthful call to arms was more than appropriate.

The Minus 5 celebrate the release of Dungeon Golds on March 12th at The Neptune, opening for Tweedy. 'Til then, check out what McCaughey calls "an anthem for aging rockers" below:

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