Fall Fundraising Drive: Meet the New "Champions" T-Shirt

Fundraising Drives

Did you ever wish you could enjoy doughnuts all day long—even while working out at the gym—and still look fantastic? Now you can … when you donate to KEXP’s Fall Fundraising Drive!

When you donate to KEXP, you power everything you hear, see, discover, and enjoy on KEXP 90.3 FM, KEXP.ORG, and at our events around town. And when you rock our brand new “Champions” tee, you show the rest of the world how much “music that matters” means to you. KEXP’s Fall Fundraising Drive begins at 6:00 AM this Friday, September 26. But you don’t need to wait to get your mitts on this bright orange, carbo-loaded and caffeinated tee. Make a gift of $100 or more right now and it’s YOURS!

Thank you to the more than 14,000 donors who keep KEXP listener-powered and commercial-free.  You make the music matter! 

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