Bumbershoot 2014, Day 3: Rose Windows

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photos by Brittney Bollay (view set)

When Rose Windows released their debut album last year, it was obvious that the Seattle music scene was in for something special. Founded by songwriter Chris Cheveyo in 2010, Rose Windows has become a band that delivers the perfect amount of '60s nostalgia while still sounding unlike anyone else. When Cheveyo started recruiting musicians to join, he first looked to his friends. With Rabia Shaheen Quazi on vocals, Nils Petersen on electric guitar and Pat Schowe on drums (both whom played with Cheveyo in a pervious band), David Davila on piano, Richie Rekow on bass, and Veronica Dye on the flute; Rose Windows found it's footing and started making music magic. It's impossible to pigeonhole Rose Windows' style. They infuse folk, blues, and psychedelic tones to create a one-of-a-kind rock experience. Their unique talents caught the attention of Sub Pop and last summer, the label released the band's debut album, The Sun Dogs. The Bumbershoot Music Lounge saw acts from all parts of the world on Labor Day weekend, but closing out with a Seattle group is always a good way to cap the events, and Rose Windows delivered. The band's strengths lie not in brute force, but in their ability to create a heady atmosphere where their songs flow heavily and freely. Opening with "Bodhi Song", a hazy and powerful new song, the band felt confident airing out a set of both new and recently released material. Singer Rabia Shaheen Qazi had a stoic, commanding presence, with her melodic tendencies seeping through her bandmates thick rhythms, maintaining a level of fluidity even in the set's crunchier moments, particularly the two songs from their recent 7" There Is A Light. The band are wrapping up a year of touring behind The Sun Dogs and will enter the studio in the fall for LP2, but as their new material-heavy set showed, the band have already started moving onto a new chapter, and for those in attendance (or tuning in), Rose Windows finished the weekend with a hint of what's to come.

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