The Song That's Shaking Me with Joey Santiago of Pixies

Janice Headley
photo by Dave Lichterman (view set)

KEXP asks musicians, "What song, new or old, is totally your favorite song right now?"

    Joey Santiago: Ah, God. I listen to this over and over. This is going to surprise you, but it's the BeeGees. And the one song that I really, really like is “Every Christian Lion-Hearted Man Will Show You.” Really, really good song. It’s trippy. The BeeGees from the sixties were awesome. It’s a trip, I’m telling you.

Pixies just released their fifth album, Indie Cindy, their first in 23 years. They'll be back in Washington on Friday, October 3rd, playing the INB Performing Arts Center in Spokane.

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