Live Video: THUMPERS

Live Video
Jim Beckmann
photo by Greg Stonebraker (view set)

THUMPERS — not only is the name itself indicative of their sound, but the preferred spelling is all in caps. "Every time people actually do it, I feel a bit bad", confessed John Hamson Jr., one of the band's two founders, in a recent interview with KEXP. But Hamson and his cohort Marcus Pepperell make enough noise to justify the name. Besides, anyone listening will be too busy hollering along with their rousing, anthemic songs much to care. Recently, THUMPERS finished their American tour with a stop in Seattle — a kind of homecoming for them, as they released their debut on Seattle's own Sub Pop Records. Joining the childhood chums on the road were Frances Eva Lea on keyboards and backing vocals and Oliver Smith doing everything else, and together they filled the KEXP studio with one hell of a banging racket. Watch the videos from the set here and get ready to find your new summer jam:

Full Performance:

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