Live Video: Throwing Muses

Live Video
Janice Headley
photo by Dave Estep (view set)

"Seriously? Another song?" Kristin Hersh, frontwoman for Throwing Muses, teased KEXP's DJ El Toro (a.k.a. Kurt Reighley) in mock-exasperation during their in-studio session, "We are so old, Kurt -- why are you doing this?" The veteran alt-rock legends are doing it for their latest release, Purgatory/Paradise, their first new album in a decade, and their ninth total during their 30+ year career. Hersh explained, "Our pet name for the album was 'Precious/Pretentious' because we're so obsessed with what we do, and we've been apologizing for it since we were 14 years old, but we're not going to apologize anymore." And nor should they, as DJ El Toro perfectly points out. Watch their passionate, unapologetic performance below, and if you missed the band's sold out show earlier this year, they'll be back at The Triple Door on Sunday, June 1st, with founding member Tanya Donelly.

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