Review Revue: Room Nine - Voices . . . of a Summer's Day

Review Revue
Levi Fuller

Room Nine were, it seems, a pretty big deal in Seattle in the late '80s; like Diamond Fist Werny, they were another band doing their own thing — with their own lighting designer! — while it probably seemed like everyone around them was churning out noisy, grungy rock. Room Nine broke up not long after this album's release — judging by the comments below, perhaps while it was still in heavy rotation? — and frontman Ron Nine went on to form the somewhat grungier Love Battery (whom we discussed here back in 2008). Overall it seems as though this record was pretty well received at KCMU, though these comments do lay bare the risks of overexposure.

"Someone [key verb covered by alphabetization label] everytime this spins."

"That didn't happen at 8:37 am Friday morning. I kinda liked 'Seas without a Shore.'"

"Didn't Boston do a song called 'Don't Look Back'?"

"I like 'Red Dog,' but then, I love dogs."

"'Seas' is beautiful."


"Even though it's anti-climatic, what with the time delay 'n' all, this is remarkable for a debut. Package + music match, good job."

"Fab. Bril."

"<3 <3"


"I'm getting really bored with this. 12/18"

"Fuck you Dave. You're obviously not paying attention to the subtle beauty of the backing vocals." [I get the feeling this is meant to be sarcastic, but it's hard to be certain all these years later.]

"Excuse me . . . very soothing."

"ENOUGH!! 1-8-88"

"I'm very bored with this. In fact, It never interested me. To the library, please."

"Gee, if it doesn't interest you, it must not interest anybody, right? Why don't you just play something else?"

"I am this band's biggest fan live, but this just doesn't do 'em justice. I could live without this in H. P.S. I would, however, like to see 'A-train' back in the cart library." [I don't know what this means, although I do sort of know what a cart is.]

"I have never seen so much whining in print about a local record getting support from a station that supports local music. Shame on you, tisk tisk."

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