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Levi Fuller

Did somebody say Jack Endino? Here's one of those Endino-produced classics I was talking about last week. If Mudhoney needed no introduction by the time they released their self-titled debut LP in 1989, at this point they should be, I don't know, playing on top of the Space Needle or something? Oh, that's right, they did that. And it turns out Sub Pop is going to release a limited edition LP of that jaw-dropping performance on the forthcoming Record Store Day. I hope KEXP gets a copy; it would be fun to see it nestled next to this weathered beauty on the vinyl shelves.

"A band that needs no introduction . . . Vocals all buried more but all in all they sound tight."


"'This Gift' is great."

"Aaaeeeepoohie . . . eeeeeeeegh . . . fuck you! . . . anaaaaaaargh . . . . . . (push) - (shove - grunt) . . . . . . sounds familiar."

"Hey, I think it's quite fine. I like it, it rocks plenty!"

"Some great tracks on here (1.1, 1.4, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.6) and a handful of good ones. All in all, a fine LP."

"'When Tomorrow Hits' is sort of a Wire song, but you gotta figure out which one."

"Disappointing. Not as good as earlier records because of songs that sound way too much like other musicians (e.g., 2.5 = part of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog,' 1.5 = weak imitation of Hendrix, 1.6 = Meat Puppets circa Meat Puppets II) + a shortage of memorable lyrics + music. I was hoping the whole LP was going to be as good as 2.6. 1.3 skips."

"Are you really disappointed - that's so BIG of you?"

"'Magnolia Caboose' = Blue Cheer."

"I hope this grows on you (above)! I think it's really great! Steve's guitar playing is one of the most impressive things on this LP - he is the wah-wah god!"

"7/17/91: Each time I listen to this I like it better. Has taken a year and a half to sink in. Great band."

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