Video Roundup: International Clash Day

Video Roundup

One song from The Clash is hardly ever enough. That's what DJ John Richards admitted to himself last year on this day when one Clash song became two, and then became the rest of The Morning Show on KEXP, and thus International Clash Day was born. And there's no better band to honor worldwide than this legendary London quartet who revitalized punk with elements of reggae, dub, funk, and rockabilly, and used their place on-stage to share their political beliefs. The band broke up in 1986 (and sadly, frontman Joe Strummer passed away in 2002), but their influence lives on, on every day. Check out our video playlist below, featuring rare interviews, post-Clash projects, and classic tracks, and tune in to The Morning Show for even more music from this groundbreaking group.

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International Clash Day Interviews

International Clash Day: Interview with Curator Eric Carnell

Eric Carnell, a.k.a. the head honcho behind Independence Printage, has been a fan of The Clash for most of his life. His love for the band runs so deep, in fact, that he’s done KEXP the favor of curating and illustrating our artwork for International Clash Day for years, drawing on an eclectic grou…

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Community Engagement International Clash Day

International Clash Day: Spotlight on Citizen University

Citizen University is committed to encouraging civic literacy, engagement, and activation. We talked to Ben Phillips, Senior Program Manager for Citizen University, to learn more about the organizations mission, their unique approach to community building, and how people can get involved locally.

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