Live Video: Grouplove

Live Video
Jake Uitti
photo by Dave Estep (view set)

If you rolled out a handful of musicians and gave them instruments and told them to all act like toys come to life, you would have the band GROUPLOVE. Equipped with an inclusive, joyous name that also has an intimate connotation, GROUPLOVE plays songs that live up to their moniker. Rainbow guitars, rainbow hair and high-ranging vocals that hit like raindrops made of simple syrup on a hot tin roof – this is GROUPLOVE. Formed in New York City when Hanna Hooper met Christian Zucconi, and solidified on the island of Crete, where the two met the other future band members – the group eventually found themselves in L.A. to record and play and live permanently. “Our story is testament to fate, and our music is something we are ready to share,” says Zucconi. Share with them here, live in the KEXP studio:

Full performance: 

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