Live Video: Cumulus

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Jake Uitti
photo by Alex Crick

For almost two years, Cumulus kept the tracks for their debut album hidden. After beginning their songwriting process in 2011, the group, led by singer/guitarist/songwriter Alexandra Niedzialkowski, slowly but surely put the pieces together while recording in Anacortes, WA, with Phil Elverum. The result, I Never Meant It To Be Like This, is a sort of heavy-floating music. Listening to it, you feel almost like your body is being pulled along a river, the current taking you somewhere as you pass under stars, the rising sun, hearing animals in trees, birds singing or bats screeching. There is room for it all, especially for everything you’d never expect. Recently, Cumulus stopped by KEXP's Audioasis with DJ Sharlese where the band and the DJ exchanged stories about Karl Blau tattoos and Sharlese’s love for the small ferry town where the album was laid down. You can watch the full performance here:

Full performance:

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