Live Video: Ty Segall at Pickathon 2013

Live Video, Pickathon
Jim Beckmann
photo by Kristina Moravec

If you'd been following the prolific career of Bay Area musician Ty Segall, you might have been surprised when he was announced to perform Pickathon earlier this year. But the 26-year-old Bay Area musician, whose discography is as labyrinthine as an 80's record contract, and whose most recent recordings are full of heavy riffs, sonic buzz and psychedelic freakouts, has followed a different path on his eighth studio album. Sleeper, which came out just this week, eschews the "Satan in space" aesthetic of last year's Twins for a more acoustic translation of his glam, space and prog rock influences. So when he agreed to perform a few new songs from it live for KEXP at Pickathon, we knew the setting of the Bunny Glade -- with its hay bale benches, forest backdrop and faux stained glass window sculptures -- would tie together its rustic/medieval tendencies. Check out this rare set from "Ty and the Sleeper Band" as they perform three songs from Sleeper and a cover of Love's "Live and Let Live":

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