Live Video: True Believers at SXSW

Live Video, SXSW
Jim Beckmann
photos by Dave Lichterman

That True Believers' posthumously released second is called Hard Road is no joke. The Alejandro and Javier Escovedo-led Austin band hit the major pitfalls of the 80's music industry starting with a big local buzz that led to a rushed and underproduced first album, a lineup change dictated by their label, and a sophomore effort jettisoned just before its release as a result of a record company buyout. The Troobs, as they were lovingly called by their Austin legion fans, never realized their true potential, a huge loss to the history of rock 'n' roll, as the Escovedos, along with Jon Dee Graham, Denny DeGorio, and Rey Washam, were pioneers in a small but potent movement of country rock by way of southwest punk. Their three guitar attack was legendary, but few outside of Texas got to hear them live. Yet in Austin, they were performing with bands like Los Lobos, Green on Red, and Love Tractor. Many thought that their short career would begin and end in the 80's, but the recent and unexpected loss of Brent Gulke, their very first sound engineer and the creative director SXSW, brought the original lineup together in late 2012 to honor his life and sparked a continuing reunion. During KEXP's broadcast last month from Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Austin during SXSW, we were honored to host one of their first 2013 performances, as friends and fans from decades past surrounded the stage for their rough, raw and riveting set. Rejoice! The Troobs are back!

Full Performance:

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