Live Video: Suuns at SXSW

Live Video, SXSW
Dillon Sturtevant
photo by Dave Lichterman

Suuns are riding high this year following the release of their second full-length Images Du Futur, and when they showed up to play at KEXP's broadcast in Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop at SXSW the crowd got to see the band burn with confidence through a set of powerful, propulsive post-rock. Suuns always sound like they are about to suddenly erupt, but they instead let that power creep up over deep pulsing synths and inventive guitar work to build up to tense, thrilling heights under Ben Shemie's drawling, Velvet-Underground-reminiscent voice. Suuns have found it hard to escape comparisons to Clinic, or Radiohead, not to mention a host of other bands in the press -- but the attitude of their set in Austin showed that time spent making comparisons is at the expense of just sitting back and enjoying the creative, powerful set of music this group can put together. At Johnny's bike shop Suuns played the standouts from Images Du Futur -- "Music Won't Save You", "Edie's Dream", "2020", and "Sunspot" -- which also proved to showcase the versatility of this burgeoning force coming out of Montreal. Check out their set now:

Full Performance:

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