Live Video: La Luz

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Katherine Humphreys
photo by Greg Stonebraker (view set)

How is walking through the woods on a foggy, chilly late spring day similar to strolling past the closed fun houses and ferris wheels on a boardwalk at the end of summer? You could just as easily listen to the melancholic surf bee-bop of Seattle's La Luz in both of the situations. What started at as a side project for Shana and Marianne after touring for The Curious Mystery has now rapidly become one of the smoothest sounding, Ronnettes-influenced bands around. They released their debut cassette, Damp Face, on Burger Records and have since been called one of the best bands of the year by City Arts as well as had their fortunes told with The Stranger (am I riffing too had on the boardwalk vibes?). It's like smooth sailing on a cloudly day, sweet singing with a little bit of melancholy, a big sound with a quiet melody, so We were estatic to get them in studio. On KEXP's Audioasis, they started with a brand new track, "Big Big Blood," before playing their classic "Call Me In The Day," for which they recently released this beautiful video. After chatting with DJ Sharlese, they gave us another new track, "It's Alive," before ending their session by crooning their way through another new track "Sure As Spring." In case you missed the lyrics to that one the first time through, instead drawn to the "hey!"'s and keyboard jams, that's "When you were mine, I never had the time, when you were mine, now I kind of want to die." The future for these girls is looking as bright and wonderful as a sunny, bittersweet, end of summer day.

Full performance:

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