Live Video: Lavender Diamond

Live Video
Jacob Webb
photo by Amber Zbitnoff

Despite being recorded in December, Lavender Diamond's in-studio session was one of the warmest things that KEXP broadcast in 2012. Singer Becky Stark's voice is nothing short of radiant, buoying the Los Angeles quartet's tender, winsome sound. Across the folk pop bounce of "There's A Perfect Love For Me", the bittersweet crawl of "Teach Me How To Waken", and the crystalline lament of "Forgive". The peak of the session is the slow, devastating waltz of "Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now", during which Stark gives one of the most emotionally stirring performances of the whole year. "I guess that's how a sad song can feel so good," says DJ Kevin Cole after the band's performance. "Yeah", replies Stark, after a brief, emotional pause. Watch the heartbreaking (for lack of a better word) performance of "Everybody's Heart's Breaking Now" and the rest of the session below.

Full Performance:

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