Live Video: Walking Papers

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Dillon Sturtevant
photo by Dagmar Sieglinde Patterson

Seattle super-group Walking Papers played a killer session in the KEXP studio for Audioasis, where they shared three songs off their Mike McCready (of Pearl Jam)-produced self-titled debut from October last year, released on Sunyata Records. Such an assured sound from a band that just released a debut album is no surprise when you consider that Walking Papers have some of Seattle's finest blues-rock musicians of the past 25 years. Duff McKagan, most famously of Guns n' Roses as well as Velvet Revolver, and even briefly Jane's Addiction joined the band on bass after singer/guitarist Jeff Angell of The Missionary Position and Post Stardom Depression, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Barrett Martin of Skin Yard and Screaming Trees had started to play as a duo. They were eventually joined by keyboardist Benjamin Anderson of Angell's The Missionary Position to round out their full line-up. Mike McCready, while not joining the band as a member of the live lineup, lent his guitar as well as production skills to the album. It's brand new classic rock -- hard-edged but full of pop hooks and creative twists on the usual expectations of a traditional rock lineup.

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