Live Video: Wild Cub @ CMJ

Live Video, CMJ
Jake Uitti
all photos by Benjamin Mobley (view set)

When you hear a band is from Nashville, most likely you think of big coiffed hair, thick acoustic guitar sounds and gallon-sized hats. Well, Wild Cub, borne out of the Tennessee music hotbed, sounds more like they were from Northern California, or even the Pacific Northwest, than from the same place Dolly Parton made her name. An indie flavor to their two-day beards and backwards baseball caps, the band shirks any Nashville stereotype - well, besides the one about great songwriting coming from one of the music capitols of the U.S. The band is always moving on stage, too, making it easy for their audience to feel the urge to dance. See for yourself as they take over Judson Memorial Church during KEXP's CMJ broadcast last month:

Full performance:

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